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Post by [b64]Scooby on Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:17 am

Drug Dealers 308wNQR

Drug Dealers

Drug Dealers formed in begining of 90's as little crew which later became one of the richest crews in the Los Santos.They are selling all kind of drugs to everyone just to earn money.First founder of Drug Dealers better known to FBI is one of the most wanted B Dup.He is living South Ganton in his apartment.He usually shows up around East Side of Los Santos with his crew.He works with every gang.The one who messes with him he messes with his whole crew.Once when police arrested him, he said this
"The only thing that matters is the money, nigga.But you'll never understand what gettin' this money is like."
Even police is doing their best to arrest all of drug dealers, they are still selling it.Some of crew members can be seen around Ganton around corners selling their drugs to everyone even to kids.


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