Recent Concerns & Past Years.

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Recent Concerns & Past Years. Empty Recent Concerns & Past Years.

Post by Kevin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:26 am

Hello guys, I know it's been a quiet since the server actually had it's playerbase stable and the Northlife love, I'm truely sorry for all these fail attempts on opening and I'm admitting I been childish & immature towards the community, being such a retarded owner was something I never meant to be.

I've decided to change up on stuff, server will come back, I managed to find the good old script, we'll update on it from there, you guys are MORE THAN WELCOME to REQUEST for new scripts, Helpers will forward them to ME and I'll personally script them as soon I've time.

As you see I've currently removed Flash from the usergroups as I don't know if he's going to stay here, Flash is going to stay removed from the usergroup until he spoke to me about his activity, and so I'll probably have to pay the first bills of the months & the scripting.

If someone is gladly to be in for helping with funds for the server, shoot me a PM! Share the thread to your friends and tell them about the community.


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